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3 Ideas For A Beautifully Landscaped Yard

Are you tired of how your yard looks? Do you want new ideas about how to change it? Updating your landscaping is a great way to change how your home looks and make your living space more fun.

Finding the inspiration to landscape your yard can be hard. How do you choose when there are so many options all around you?

Flowers, plants, trees, designs…it can be a bit of a whirlwind! Want inspiration without leaving your computer? Keep reading for 3 ideas to create your own beautifully landscaped yard!

Masonry and Stonework

One of the easiest ways to spice up your yard is to add some masonry and stonework. Masonry and stonework ca mean a lot of things. It could mean adding a walkway for guests through your yard or putting stones in as a border around your flowerbeds.

It could also mean putting in stairs in your yard. The point is that you’re adding something to new to your outdoor space to make it look completely different.

Always wanted a patio? Our team of designers and masons can help create a patio that fits your needs and looks great.

Want to entertain outside without having to go back and forth to your kitchen? Our team can even create an outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy!

Say goodbye to ho-hum summer nights and hello to exciting evenings with the ones you love! It’s a lot easier to love your space when you get to create it from start to finish with a team of experts.

Planting and Installations

Do you remember the last time you changed or added new plants to your yard? If you can’t, it’s definitely time for a refresh!

Plants are an easy way to make your yard look like new. You can remove all your current plants and flowers or start small and only remove a few. It’s your yard, after all, so it’s up to you how drastic the changes will be.

Adding trees, flowers, perennials, and greenery will make your yard feel like an oasis as the weather gets warmer. Tired of the same old view when you look out while washing dishes?

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to give your yard more dimension and depth. With a newly decorated yard, you’ll have more color, no matter what time of year.

Our team will work with you to pick out the plants and greenery that fit your design and maintenance needs. Redesigning your yard is an exciting project that you want to do right.

Excavation and Drainage

Before you start a major masonry, stonework, or landscaping project, you need to have your yard evaluated to see if it needs to be excavated or drained. There’s no point in putting in the money for a beautiful new yard if it floods or gets ruined immediately.

Our team can help you decide if you need excavation, drainage, or grading for your next yard project. Grading is beneficial for leveling or changing your land before doing a major landscaping project.

Grading is important for adding paths, stairs, patios, and different plants.

Excavation, drainage, and grading are important to help control water when it rains. You want the water to flow away from your house and these options make that happen.

Are you ready to have some help landscaping your yard? Reach out to Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME to find out more about how we can help!