Should I Be Using Magic Salt Instead of Rock Salt to Melt Snow?

salt being used to melt snow

Are you starting to think about how to keep your property safe this winter? Are you looking for a way to melt the snow?

There are many ways to manage snow during the winter. You can plow it, shovel, put salt down, or do some combination of the two.

If you are learning about how to best manage the snow and ice for the first time, it can be overwhelming. There are many different things that you need to choose between if you manage the snow yourself or if you contract out and what tools to use.

One of the biggest debates is what type of salt to use. There is magic salt and rock salt. Keep reading to learn more about if you should be using magic salt instead of rock salt to melt snow!

How to Choose Between Rock Salt and Magic Salt

Here at Seabreeze Property Services, we provide 24-hour snow plowing, removal, and ice management services. We have a range of tools and equipment that lets us provide high quality snow management for our clients.

We serve clients all around Maine. This allows us to help them make sure their properties are safe and accessible during the winter months.

Throughout our years of being in business, we have learned what tools, equipment, scheduling and processes help our clients most. We have exceptional communication processes and we even have a meteorologist on staff to help us plan for storms!

One of the things that we have learned is what type of salt is best for melting snow and managing it. Rock and Magic salt are two of the most common types.

What are the Advantages of Magic Salt?

While rock salt is well known as being good at melting snow, Magic salt has a lot of benefits. Magic salt helps us save time, money, and labor because it reduces the need for rock salt and putting sand on pavement.

Also, rock salt stops working after a certain temperature, but Magic salt does not. Magic salt is less corrosive on steel doors, equipment, carpet, floors, concrete, and other surfaces.

If you are passionate about the environment, then Magic salt is right for you. Magic salt is more environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable.

It puts less chemicals into the planet compared to regular rock salt. Also, Magic salt is safe for plants, pets, people, and equipment.

For customers and snow removal companies, Magic salt has a lot of perks. It works faster and lasts for a longer period of time than rock salt.

This helps prevent black ice and any injuries from falling on it, making it more cost and time efficient than rock salt. Also, Magic salt does not have a shelf life, so it remains effective for de-icing snow no matter how long it sits on a shelf.

There are so many benefits of using Magic salt that it’s worth it for customers, companies, and the environment. It is best to make sure that you or the snow removal company you hire uses it.

Are you ready to make sure that your property is safe this winter? Contact Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME and learn more about our property services!