Seabreeze Property Services offers a full suite of irrigation services, including design, installation, and maintenance across Southern and Central Maine. Water is a key element in the landscape arena and it must be used efficiently to keep your property healthy and your budget happy.

A well designed and maintained irrigation system elevates a property to the next level. Regular and routine watering, monitored by rain sensors, protects your property from unnecessary drought damage, brown spots, and withering plantings.

Landscapes are living investments that must be regularly cared for and maintained to guarantee longevity—and irrigation systems provide that excellent protection.

Seabreeze’s certified irrigation experts will keep your system running smoothly and ensure water gets to the rights places at the right time, without wasting a drop.

Our irrigation team can handle all your needs, from start-ups and shut-downs at residential homes to large scale multi-zone commercial installations. Whether it’s a single zone installation or a custom-designed, multi-zone project, Seabreeze is ready for the job.

Irrigation System Options

Seabreeze offers the latest irrigation technology and systems available to meet all your watering needs. We carry a full line of turf irrigation systems, to ensure that you’re in-ground sprinklers have the power and functionality to hydrate your lawn.

Our irrigation offering also includes drip irrigation for flower beds and gardens to provide the most efficient and effective watering method for your plants.

In addition to the state-of-the-art systems, our team is equipped and trained to install automated timers, rain sensors, and wifi-controllers to make watering your property that much easier.

Additionally, our systems have the functionality to use real-time weather data to automatically adjust watering times and volumes. These features conserve water, save you time, and protect your lawn.

Service Offerings

If your property already has a system installed, Seabreeze can easily service and/or repair the system to ensure proper flow, volume, and footprint. Our regular system tests involve a thorough review of all functions and components and subsequent replacement of failing parts. Service offerings include:

  • Start-ups
  • Shut-downs and Winterization
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • System Reviews


At Seabreeze, we utilize the latest cutting edge technologies for irrigation systems to keep your landscape thriving while minimizing water consumption.

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