Seabreeze offers a full range of Pavement services to keep your walkways, parking lots, driveways, and other paved features looking their best year-round. Whether it be sweeping, pot hole repair, resurfacing, or more, Seabreeze has the equipment and expertise to fill your paving needs.


Seabreeze offers a variety of paving services to maintain, repair, and improve your asphalt and concrete surfaces. While seal-coating, resurfacing, and striping services ensure the integrity of your pavement and its associated signage, proactive seasonal clean-ups and sweeping, cleans surfaces and reduces any polluting petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, or heavy metal runoff. To meet requirements for pollution control, Seabreeze also has the equipment and trained staff to clean catch basins on your property.

If your needs are based on ensuring the safety of those driving on your lots, reducing harmful pollutant run-off, or simply maintaining a pristine aesthetic for your property, Seabreeze has the trained professionals and equipment to deliver.