At Seabreeze, we take pride in our 24-hour snow plowing, snow removal, and ice control services. Our vast fleet of top-of-the-line equipment allows us to provide snow management for a broad range of clients with speed, quality, and reliability.


Customers from Augusta to Portland to Sanford have entrusted us with making sure their properties are safe and accessible throughout the storm and cleaned up before the following day begins.

We provide service to large municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, small HOA’s, and everything in between yet each has the same thing in common, expecting the highest quality service and timeliness.


Over the years we have developed tried and true service methods and procedures that help us deliver the same quality service, no matter the storm.Through pre, during, and post communication with our customers, they’re never out of the loop on what they should be expecting from our team.

Our meteorologist on staff crafts a custom plan for our team based on weather models from multiple sources and communicates this to our customers.With 24-hour monitoring and resource availability, our team services storms from start to finish so our customers can get back to normal as soon as possible.


The focus throughout the winter season is on removing snow and ice from alldesired areas as quickly and effectively as possible. There are more ways than one to move the snow and we utilize everything from front end loaders to shovels to clear the way.

Dependent on property size and design, we assign dedicated equipment and personnel to individual properties or routes to make sure the machine fits the location in order to maximize speed and coverage but minimize turf and property damage. We offer several methods to mitigate low snowfall amounts and accumulating ice through different melting products.

As times change and methods improve, we have gradually shifted towards brine and magic salt (Ice b’ Gone liquid additive) for the majority of our customer base. These products melt snow and ice at a lower temperature, are less corrosive than normal rock salt, and reduce overall salt usage significantly through the course of the season.

And when the snow piles up from weeks and weeks of accumulation, we have the equipment and operators to remove the snow off-site and free up much-needed parking spaces and pavement space.


We have developed several types of snow and ice management contracts to save our customers the hassle of developing their own and creating clear and concise expectations throughout.

Our unlimited package is just that, if there is winter weather, we’ll be there making sure it’s taken care of. With consistent monthly payments, we make budgeting easy and service no sweat. Our most popular agreement involves a set number of plowable events (an accumulation over 1.5.”) and a set number of treatments using a melting product.

Once these events and treatments have been utilized, a prorated amount will be allocated to each additional event or treatment for the remainder of the season. This option allows our customers a bit more budgeting flexibility but requires more management on their part. Our events and treatment amounts are based on our experience and historical averages.

We offer property checks to all of our customers at an additional cost which provides eyes on property service when melting occurs and causes a potential liability when there is no weather present. Through automated monthly invoicing, ACH, and prepay discounts, we strive to make the administrative process as seamless as the service itself.


Gone are the days of paper time sheets and lack of accountability from your winter contractor. Through our advanced ERP software and GPS tracking, we can provide up to the minute service updates to any of our customers.

These technologies have proven invaluable to protect ourselves and our customers against liability and provides concrete service information each time a crew dispatches to a site. This data also allows us the most accurate records when it comes time to renew contracts and discuss service levels.

Looking forward we will be experimenting with dash cam technology, live feeds for our long-distance managers/owners, as well as email/text notifications when services have been rendered to continue to push the envelope on communication.


We are certified members of the Snow & Ice Management Association, which means we are dedicated to the latest trends, technology, and best practices in the snow and ice management industry.

Keeping up with industry best practices allows us to safely and efficiently deliver the best possible snow removal and ice management services to you, while minimizing our environmental impact.