4 Signs You Need A New Lawn Sprinkler

Do you enjoy having a pristine looking lawn? Are you worried that your lawn is not getting enough water?

Everyone wants to have a bright green and healthy lawn. But sometimes, it can be challenging.

The climate and seasons can make the amount of water your lawn needs to look healthy vary. No matter what time of year or where you live, the best way to keep your lawn looking great is with a lawn sprinkler system.

Like anything else in your home, you need to take care of a sprinkler system. This means maintenance, repairs, and replacing it when it starts to malfunction. Keep reading for 4 signs you need a new lawn sprinkler!

1. Lots of Leaks

Like plumbing, irrigation systems do get leaks. When they are small, they are less of a big deal and can be repaired.

But, if your sprinkler keeps leaking after several repairs or you have many leaks in a short time, stop repairing it. The best thing to do in this situation is to replace the entire system and upgrade it.

This way you are getting the most advanced system that’s available. Repairing an old sprinkler system is a waste of your time and money!

2. Decreased Water Pressure

When a sprinkler system works, it has good water pressure. It may take some time before you notice your system isn’t covering as much of your lawn.

Eventually, you’ll figure out that something is not quite right. When this occurs, it means that your system is older and has been used a lot.

Sometimes chips or cracks in the sprinkler cause this problem. The easy solution is it’s time to replace your system and say goodbye to decreased water pressure.

3. Higher Water Bills

When you start using your sprinkler system, you will see an increase in your water bill. But it should be consistent.

If you start to notice that every summer your bill is getting higher and higher, this is a sign that your system is aging. As a sprinkler system gets older, it becomes less efficient.

This increases the amount of water needed to water your lawn. Talking with a professional is the only way to determine if you can repair it or if it’s better to replace it.

4. Badly Designed System

This can happen if you are not the first person to own your house. Sometimes the way a sprinkler system was installed is not ideal for your lawn.

If your sprinkler misses your lawn or does not water the entire thing, this means it was not designed correctly. Talk with a professional to determine the best system and design for your lawn. This is the best way to make sure you have an efficient sprinkler system and a green lawn.

Do you think it is time to get a new lawn sprinkler? Stop wasting water, money, and landscaping by having a wrong or outdated sprinkler system.

Replacing your sprinkler system will keep your lawn looking great and will use water more efficiently. Contact Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME, and learn how we can help!

What is Hardscaping and Do You Need It?

Wondering if it’s time for some new landscaping? Are you trying to decide between hardscaping and softscaping?

There are so many ways you can landscape your yard that it can be hard to choose! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the easiest thing to do is learn more about the options available to you.

You can also work with a knowledgeable landscaping company to make your decision easier. Keep reading to learn more about hardscaping and to find out if you may need it!

What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping includes almost any type of structure in a landscape. This can include everything from driveways, benches, fences, or stone walls.

Hardscape is a very important part of landscape designs. They can help provide organization to any landscaping project.

Some people define hardscape as using space, like a driveway or wall, to direct people through different areas of softscaping. This could be a gravel path going through a grassy area that leads you to a special forest or garden.

Hardscaping is what gives any landscaping project direction and takes it to the next level.

What are some of the different examples of hardscaping?

The things that you could define as hardscaping are pretty endless! Examples of hardscaping include:

Brick Patios:

Compared to concrete, brick patios look nicer and they are more natural.

Concrete Patios:

When it comes to patios, concrete patios are the most classic option. They are also the most neutral, which can be important if you are adding other more modern details.

Flagstone Patios:

If you want a more natural, stone outdoor flooring option that won’t break the bank, a flagstone patio may be the way to go.

Gravel Paths:

Not a fan of brick, concrete, or stone? A gravel path is a great way to break up your landscaping without adding too much around it.

Mental Fences:

The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to metal fences. They can be coated steel or iron, depending on the look or aesthetic you want. Most people choose coated steel.


A pergola is a structure that’s attached to your home or another building. They are similar to arbors.

Stone Landscape Steps:

These are heavy pieces of stone that are put together to make outdoor steps. Many people think these are quite pretty.

Stone Retaining Walls:

To create a stone retaining wall, you can use a planter or the side of a hill if you have a flat yard. These are a great way to break up your outdoor property.

Stone Walkways:

Not sure you want to add something that’s permanent? Stone walkways allow you to add a path in your garden and aren’t a lot of upkeep!

Tile Patios:

Tile patios are perfect if you have a concrete patio that needs to be spruced up a little.

Wood Fences:

Wood fences are the most common material used in hardscape. They are also the most neutral fence option.

Wood Decks:

Having a wood deck is ideal if you want to use your space for more than one story and you have the room. This is a similar option to using a patio.

Wooden Gazebos:

Wooden gazebos are a lovely choice if you want to make your landscape look nicer and have some outdoor shade.

Besides these options, you can also use water as a hardscape. Examples of this include stone, ceramic, clay, or a DIY fountain.

Should I get hardscaping?

If you are thinking about redoing your landscaping, hardscape is a great option. Hardscaping allows you to break up your yard or give you more outdoor space.

You can pick the materials you like or that go well with your design ideas. There are options for all budget ranges, so do not let price stop you from getting the yard that you want.

Think that it’s time to try out hardscaping for yourself? Schedule an appointment at Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME!

Is It Time To Think About Pest Control Services This Summer?

Are you finding unwanted guests in your home? Are none of your home remedies working to get rid of them?

No one wants ants, mice, spiders, or cockroaches in their home. That is why Seabreeze Property Services offers pest control services.

Pests are unwanted and make you nervous about walking around your home. Who wants to be uncertain about what they will find when they walk into their kitchen or bathroom?

During the summer, the most common pests are mosquitoes, stinging insects, cockroaches, ants, and flies. Treating your home for these pests can be complicated and is best left to the professionals. Keep reading to find out if you should consider pest control services this summer!


Mosquitoes are probably some of the worst pests you’ll have to deal with during the summer. From the humming in your ear to itchy bumps on your legs, they are beyond annoying!

Mosquitoes can be especially hard to treat because they love standing water. If you have a pool or other standing water in your home, it’s like an open invitation for mosquitoes to come to join you.

Want to keep mosquitoes away? Hire professionals to drain any standing water in rain spouts. You should also look for any leaks around your home.

If you find any leaks, make sure to treat them so mosquitoes cannot get in. You should also pick up toys left outside and check to see if there’s any water pooling in them.

This is another way that mosquitoes could congregate near your home. Keep standing water to a minimum, as this is where mosquitoes breed and live.

Stinging Insects

There is nothing scarier than finding a wasp’s nest attached to your home. You want it gone, but doing it yourself may result in injury.

Stinging insects include bees, wasps, and yellowjackets. During the summer their populations grow, allowing them to build more nests. Nests are often built on homes, trees where kids like to climb, in garages, or under decks.

Hiring a professional pest control service will help you remove any nests on your property. Using a pest control service will also spray so they won’t come back.

Working with a professional service will make sure that the stinging insect on your property is removed safely. More importantly, it will ensure they won’t return.


For most, cockroaches are indestructible. They seem to survive home treatments for killing them or even stunning them.

Trying to handle cockroaches with at home treatments is a frustrating process. Cockroaches move quickly and hide easily.

While you can find cockroaches year round, they are most active during the summer. If you are not careful, you can find cockroaches outside and inside your home.

Working with a professional company will help treat your home and the surrounding property for them. Pest control services use effective treatments to keep cockroaches away.

Using a local pest control service this summer is the best way to devise a plan to keep your home and property pest free. If you are finding any pests around your home, don’t deal with it alone.

Reach out to the experts at a pest control company. Your home and property will be protected, allowing you to relax, knowing your home is pest free. Peace of mind is important in any season!

Are you interested in learning more about pest control services? Contact Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME to request a quote from us!

Does Your Home Need An Irrigation System?

Are you tired of overwatering your lawn? Are you trying to figure out a way to keep your lawn green that is cost-effective?

Home or property owners want to have nice looking lawns without breaking the bank. When you get a new house or are fed up with your watering system, irrigation can be a great solution.

Your life will become easier and your yard will look great year-round.

A simple way to conserve water and save money is to get an irrigation system. Our irrigation systems and knowledgeable team will keep your irrigation system running smoothly.

Keep reading to find out if your home may need an irrigation system!

What is an irrigation system?

A home irrigation system is an underground sprinkler system. It helps you reduce water use, which also saves you money.

With an irrigation system, you no longer have to worry about watering your lawn around when it will rain next. It is a hands-off way to keep your lawn and landscaping looking great without having to think about it.

Why is an irrigation system a worthy investment?

There are countless reasons why an irrigation system is worth buying. One of the main reasons customers love irrigation systems is because they save you money!

When you water your own lawn, you’re more likely to overwater it. Overwatering your lawn is almost as bad for it as not watering it at all!

By installing an irrigation system, your lawn will get the right amount of water to keep it healthy. Stop using a hose and sprinkler and instead, let an irrigation system do all the work for you.

While installing a home irrigation system saves you money, it also helps the environment. Because an irrigation system is automated, it does not waste any water.

It will give your lawn the right amount of water to keep it healthy while also conserving water. The best part may be that an irrigation system will water your complete lawn.

No more stressing out because half your lawn was missed or one section got overwatered!

What support does an irrigation system need?

After installing an irrigation system, it’s good to go. You will need help shutting it down and starting it up, repairing it, and upgrading the system when necessary. Our team is here to help you with all aspects of your irrigation system.

What irrigation technology does Seabreeze Property Services use?

We use the latest, cutting edge technology available for irrigation systems. Our irrigation technology will keep your yard and landscaping looking great without using a lot of water.

You can feel confident that your new irrigation system will not waste water because we are an EPA WaterSense Partner, meaning we only install efficient irrigation systems.

What do I need to know about installing an irrigation system?

When installing an irrigation system, you want to know you are making a good decision. You are making an investment.

Make sure to research the company you are thinking of working with. Check reviews, ask around for recommendations and get a good feel for the company.

When looking into the installation, ask about hidden fees. You should also find out if they offer complimentary consultations and if there are any warranties on the parts. You need to have a complete understanding of the decision you are about to make.

Are you interested in getting a home irrigation system? Contact Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME to learn about how we can help!

3 Quick Tips For A Greener Lawn

Landscape maintenance has always been at the core of Seabreeze Property Services. From large businesses, public places, and residential homes, first impressions come from the exterior of your building.

When it comes to your lawn, there’s nothing worse than a brown lawn, especially right before summer! Keep reading for three quick tips on how to get a greener lawn!

1. Mow Higher!

Some lawns need a little extra length to thrive. If your mower is on the lowest setting, raise it up. Shorter lawns can limit deep root growth.

Deep root growth is what you’re looking for if you want your lawn to resist pests, weeds, and any drought conditions.

You may want to try mowing around the 2 or 3-inch setting. This will allow the trouble grass areas to fill in without getting mulched straight into the dirt weekly.

If you favor a shorter cut, it will be a waiting game to have the lawn fill in. Then you can slowly try to reduce the height of the mower to see how the grass handles it.

It may take some time to see results, but it will be worth it when your lawn is lush and ready for summer entertaining! Spring is the perfect time to start this process.

2. Water Your Grass At The Right Time

Your grass is not a delicate flower. It’s a plant that can handle some abuse.

After all, remember that it’s able to survive throughout the winter. For your grass to thrive, there are a few things you need to do. First things first, water your grass at the right time.

The best time to water your grass is in the early morning. Why? This is before it gets too hot.

This is important because it allows the water to make into the roots of the grass. That’s a key component if you’re looking for a lush, green lawn.

Watering before it gets too hot will also do its part to prevent disease problems in your lawn, like Necrotic Ring Spot fungus or root rot.

3. Make “Keep Off” Zones

Rarely is an entire lawn completely troublesome. Poor grass growth usually comes in spots.

This happens for many reasons. Too much shade, too much sun exposure, the dog using that area or kids needed a place for the pitcher’s mound.

These are all common things that could result in problem spots. It is best to try and limit exposure to abuse to your grass. Make some of these areas the “keep off” zones.

Once you have designated your “keep off zones”, rotate them as necessary. This is the same technique most golf courses use to maintain the beauty of shorter par 3 holes. You might want to try it yourself if your grass is giving you a lot of problems!

Are you still having trouble getting the lawn you’ve always wanted? Thinking about fertilizer and don’t know how to navigate options?

Sometimes you need a professional to step in and help out! Contact Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME for a quote today!

deck at night

3 Ideas For A Beautifully Landscaped Yard

Are you tired of how your yard looks? Do you want new ideas about how to change it? Updating your landscaping is a great way to change how your home looks and make your living space more fun.

Finding the inspiration to landscape your yard can be hard. How do you choose when there are so many options all around you?

Flowers, plants, trees, designs…it can be a bit of a whirlwind! Want inspiration without leaving your computer? Keep reading for 3 ideas to create your own beautifully landscaped yard!

Masonry and Stonework

One of the easiest ways to spice up your yard is to add some masonry and stonework. Masonry and stonework ca mean a lot of things. It could mean adding a walkway for guests through your yard or putting stones in as a border around your flowerbeds.

It could also mean putting in stairs in your yard. The point is that you’re adding something to new to your outdoor space to make it look completely different.

Always wanted a patio? Our team of designers and masons can help create a patio that fits your needs and looks great.

Want to entertain outside without having to go back and forth to your kitchen? Our team can even create an outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy!

Say goodbye to ho-hum summer nights and hello to exciting evenings with the ones you love! It’s a lot easier to love your space when you get to create it from start to finish with a team of experts.

Planting and Installations

Do you remember the last time you changed or added new plants to your yard? If you can’t, it’s definitely time for a refresh!

Plants are an easy way to make your yard look like new. You can remove all your current plants and flowers or start small and only remove a few. It’s your yard, after all, so it’s up to you how drastic the changes will be.

Adding trees, flowers, perennials, and greenery will make your yard feel like an oasis as the weather gets warmer. Tired of the same old view when you look out while washing dishes?

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to give your yard more dimension and depth. With a newly decorated yard, you’ll have more color, no matter what time of year.

Our team will work with you to pick out the plants and greenery that fit your design and maintenance needs. Redesigning your yard is an exciting project that you want to do right.

Excavation and Drainage

Before you start a major masonry, stonework, or landscaping project, you need to have your yard evaluated to see if it needs to be excavated or drained. There’s no point in putting in the money for a beautiful new yard if it floods or gets ruined immediately.

Our team can help you decide if you need excavation, drainage, or grading for your next yard project. Grading is beneficial for leveling or changing your land before doing a major landscaping project.

Grading is important for adding paths, stairs, patios, and different plants.

Excavation, drainage, and grading are important to help control water when it rains. You want the water to flow away from your house and these options make that happen.

Are you ready to have some help landscaping your yard? Reach out to Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME to find out more about how we can help!