Why You Should Consider Repairing Your Driveway

Thinking about repairing your driveway? You may have your doubts but it’s definitely worth it!

Repairing or fully repaving a driveway is an expensive task. It’s also an easy thing to brush aside as a task you can do next year.

Before you know it, next year is here and then next (and the next) without taking action to repair your driveway. But like anything, if you ignore an issue, it only gets worse with time.

The good news is that when you repair your driveway, you’re investing in your home or property! A fully repaved asphalt driveway lasts about 20 years.

Your investment is not only long term but can have other benefits, including adding to your home’s curb appeal. Keep reading for a few reasons to consider repairing your driveway this summer!

Property Value

When you’re getting a home or business appraised, how it looks matters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

But when you look at cracked, uneven pavement, it can make your property seem like it’s not worth as much money. Cosmetic cracks, uneven pavement, grass or moss growth, and stains all impact the visual appeal of a home.

When you see a fresh new driveway, it adds a sharper look to your entire property. It also adds an unspoken social signal that increases the perceived value of your home.

It says, “We care about how our home looks.” If you are looking to sell any time soon, it’s also possible a buyer may hesitate on the sale when factoring in the cost of repair/replacement costs.

Winter Damage

Let’s face it, age wears on everything eventually. Especially if you’re living in New England. The seasons here range from hot to freezing.

Your driveway is going to take some abuse as a result. Your driveway overheats, thaws out, refreezes, and it continues year after year.

It’s also supporting the weight of heavy vehicles and equipment year-round. That means your concrete is expanding and contracting.

This is why you see cracks in your pavement or in your driveway. Your driveway will eventually succumb to the abuse. At that point, you’ll need to consider either a patch repair or a full repave.

Drainage issues

A well-designed drainage system and driveway can stand up to the damage of being outside. You need to have a well-designed drainage system to survive New England’s unpredictability.

You don’t want to see pools of water collecting on an uneven area of your driveway. If you see this, your driveway is trying to tell you it needs patching.

Water left to sit will create potholes or even help mold grow over the pavement. This can cause bad staining and other problems.

Got questions about your driveway? Looking for a quick quote? Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME is more than happy to help!

Please contact us and we can chat about your specific situation. We are confident that our work will leave you happy and satisfied for years to come.

Don’t let your driveway stress you out this summer! Instead, let the experts take care of it while you relax!