Can I Have My Home’s Pavement Repaired During The Winter?

Do you think your home is ready for this winter? Have you checked to make sure that your pavement is okay?

Winter is a harsh season. The temperatures are cold, the wind is strong, snow lasts for a long time, and then it melts and freezes.

While you thought your home and property were ready for winter, they might not actually be. Usually, when you think of having work done on your home’s pavement, you might think of having it repaired or replaced in the spring or summer.

But what happens if problems arise during other seasons? Keep reading to learn if you can have your home’s pavement repaired during the winter!

What types of pavement does Seabreeze repair?

At Seabreeze, we repair a variety of types of pavement. This includes walkways, parking lots, driveways, patios, and many other forms of pavement.

Whether you need a patio or driveway repaired, Seabreeze always has you covered!

What types of pavement repairs does Seabreeze do?

No matter what kind of problem you are having with your pavement, we can help! Whether you need pothole repair, sweeping, pavement resurfacing, seal coating, or striping, we can do it all.

When it comes to repairing services, we offer it all. Our team is able to help you repair or resurface any type of pavement on your property. Stop living with cracks and potholes on your paved surfaces.

What types of pavement can Seabreeze repair?

Our team is skilled in repairing asphalt and concrete surfaces. We can help you repair any paved surface on your property.

Are you able to repair pavement in the winter?

Yes, our team can repair pavement all year round. No matter the season or problem, Seabreeze is a company that you can depend on.

When problems arise with your pavement they need to be addressed quickly. It doesn’t matter what kind of property you have, as the end goal is still the same.

Your home, business, or other property needs to be safe for family, friends, or customers.

What can I do to maintain the pavement on my property?

The best thing you can do to maintain your pavement is being proactive when it comes to your seasonal cleaning and sweeping. This way your surfaces are cleaned and it helps reduce any chemicals running off onto your pavement.

Chemicals can include polluting petroleum hydrocarbons or PAHs. PAHs are heavy metal runoff. We have the right tools and proper training to meet the standards for pollution control.

Our team also knows how to clean any catch basins on your property. This helps keep any water running off your pavement moving as it should.

Water running off pavement can lead to flooding later on. Preventing this can avoid the headache of flooding or standing water on your property.

No matter what your pavement goals are for the year, our team is able to help you with the right training and tools. This means we’ll make sure that your parking lots are safe to drive on, decrease any pollution running off your pavement, and make sure that your pavement meets your standards for its aesthetic. Do not let your pavement problems wait and become even bigger issues.

Are you interested in having your home’s pavement repaired this winter? Schedule an appointment with Seabreeze Property Services in Portland, ME, and learn about our property services!